Really People? We Can’t Piss and Shit Together?

This is a strange world we live in today when men and women still can’t get along after thousands of years of evolution. The shocking truth is I don’t think things will ever get right. North Carolina had to pass a bathroom law. That’s right people have to have laws governing how they go to the bathroom. How pathetic is it that people can’t get along when they’re going to the bathroom.

I mean what the hell could you possibly argue about while going to do a number one or number two? Apparently it’s transgenders that are causing the big issue. If a woman comes into a man’s bathroom and we go to the bathroom while other men are in there and perhaps, she might see one of their little winkies and one of them might be offended. If a man is transgender and goes into a woman’s bathroom because he feels that he’s a woman and goes into one of the stalls to use the bathroom other women may be offended thinking that he’s in there as a pervert or peeping Tom.

Sadly I guess it happens more often than we would imagine. Personally, I don’t care who’s in the bathroom when I’m going to the bathroom it could matter to me less. Man, woman doesn’t matter. Guess that’s just me, though. People in North Carolina made enough of an issue about it that a bathroom law was passed stating that anybody who wanted to use a public bathroom must go to the bathroom which corresponds to their biological sex as defined on the person’s birth certificate. We may never get along, and that is the shocking truth.

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