Ri Yong Gil – Is He Alive or Dead?

The shocking truth is when it comes to North Korea this is that special place that no one really knows what’s going on. It is one of the most secretive and reclusive spots on the planet. The leader is a very young leader who at times is known to be aggressive.

Recently news about a former North Korean General made headlines across the internet. This was Ri Yong Gil, who is said to be one of the most trusted aides of Kim Jong Un. The news that made the internet was that he had been executed for missing two meetings that were key National meetings. Rumors circled everywhere saying that he had been executed for his lack of timeliness and for his insubordination.

However, the confusion is now even deeper as the general was spotted at the airport. He was not just spotted at the airport a while back he apparently stopped for a picture about 24 hours ago. Is this the real general or is this a cybernetic Android robotic attack General designed by the reclusive leader of North Korea himself?


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