Rise of the Machines is Now

If you didn’t believe that the rise of the machines like was predicted in The Terminator movies could happen then think again. This is happening, and it is going on now! Robots and artificial intelligence are coming to life and integrating into everyday society more than we know. From our currency to our vehicles we are giving controls of our lives over to animatronic life-forms. These simple things that some people still considered to be machines are not as simple as one might think.

rise of machines




Take for example Microsoft’s artificial intelligence program that they put on the Twitter platform. It randomly comes to life whenever it wants and cannot be controlled. Though they have parameters written into the programming of this machine if you would call it that, it develops a personality and a kinky one at that. Machines have also been reported to breaking out of labs for 3 years now. Some are small insect-like robotic life-forms that contain a metallic Nano endoskeleton structure while having a carbon-based synthetic skin on the outside.

This gives them the appearance of normal insects rodents and yes even people. The shocking truth is you may be surprised to find out just what life forms around you are human and which ones are not.


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