Robber Pulls Gun on Two Customers and Tells Them to Get In Their Knees Then This Happened


The holiday season is the festive time of year that brings out the best in everybody and the worst. People become desperate to try to either fuel their drug habits to support their lack of holiday festiveness or because of various circumstances they end up breaking the law to try to get quick cash for Christmas. This is just the case here in Coral Gables Florida. It was an average Saturday like any other inside of a local store. Customers are going in and out and doing their routine getting ready for the holidays spending their hard earned cash.


On this Saturday, a man by the name of Javon Reddick decided that he was going to commit armed robbery at a local store that sells alcohol and groceries. Dressed in an oversized sweatshirt with his hoodie pulled, 32-year-old Javon walked in and demanded the customers to get on their knees and give him their wallets. Javon had a gun and thought he had a plan.


But there was something in this equation that he didn’t plan for which was two customers who were not going to be bossed around that day. Apparently the holiday seasons have been a little stressful to many so maybe that’s why they were buying alcohol in the first place but without hesitation, they begin punching and beating the would-be robber.


They ended up tackling Javon, beating him up and taking his gun away from him. Not only did Javon not get money, he’s going to get to spend Christmas in jail, and he also picked up a slew of charges from armed robbery and weapons possession to false imprisonment and more. So the next time you think about robbing some place think about this shocking news. You might get your lights knocked out, and you never know which American is carrying a concealed weapon permit and has a gun with them as well. Check out the action below for yourself.

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