Robotic Insect Warfare May be the Next Big Thing

The shocking truth is robotic insects are coming to you soon. If they’re not already in an area near you chances are they’re heading there now. From weaponized mechanical Nano insects that are small as tiny little ants to full fledged flying insects the size of grasshoppers. Insects are going to be the new warfare 4 corporate agencies and governments that want to monitor, control, and even at times eliminate certain parts of the population.

These virtually undetectable insects will swoop in and take whatever it is they want. Images of these tiny insects nestling themselves under tree leaves to save electricity has been leaked to the public. The next time you go to squish a bug you might want to make sure it wasn’t a mechanical one.


It’s scary enough to think about what people could do with a drone, but could you imagine what this type of technology could be utilized for if it were to land in the wrong hands? Chemical warfare and biological warfare through robotic insects is going to be the way of the future and you heard it hear at the Shocking Truths.


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