Russia Gang Brawl in Cemetery Leaves Several Dead

The shocking truth is you should never underestimate Russians when it comes to going the distance to prove a point. One of the great parts of the Russian culture is vodka. Vodka helps to fuel many of battles in stories throughout all of Russia. There are stories like the man who came back to life after spending 12 hours in the morgue and then returned to the bar where his friends were drinking to his death.

These stories go on and on. Another strange thing with Russia is they like to hold picnics, cookouts, and other gatherings in cemeteries. For this reason, cemeteries have had Wi-Fi installed. This is not just so you can have a reception in the afterlife apparently its a great spot for gang hangouts and brawls too. In news that is kind of on the shocking side is a Russian gang fight went down leaving several people dead, and many others wounded in a Russian cemetery. Cemeteries are supposed to be a peaceful place but add Wi-Fi, and all hell starts breaking out.


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