Russian City Wants Barsik the Cat for Mayor


An election for the Mayor of a city is a rather major event. The people are usually behind someone at all times. On many occasions, the decision on who will be Mayor comes down to a tight race between contenders.  Anyone can run for the position of the mayor that has some knowledge in politics or enough money these days. Even some outlandish candidates have taken their run at the shot for Mayor.


Now we have heard of some cool cats that have run for Mayor in the past however we have not heard of an actual cat running for Mayor. This is something you would expect to hear in the United States with their screwed up political system. However, this is straight out of Barnaul, Russia. The Siberian city that is located in Russia has a population of an estimated 650,000 people and is set to have a new Mayor in office soon. Out of all the potential prospects for Mayor in this city, a Siamese cat that goes by the respected name of Barsik shows more than a 90% favoritism in polls for the vote as mayor of this Barnaul, Russia.



What is stranger yet is if this cat was actually to be elected Mayor, the Siamese by the name of Barsik has some plans. This is what Barsik had to say. “Meow things will change meow that I am mayor. Meow there will be no more shenanigans, hooliganism, or political deception meow. Meow that you have elected me mayor I have to clean the litter box of politicians daily.”

meme2 meme1

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