Russian Man Dies Drinking Vodka, Then Comes Back to Life, to Go Back to Drinking


You might party like a rockstar for New Years possibly you even party like Leslie Chow from the Hangover movie from time to time. But did you die, while you party this New Years? Unless you are Chow, not many can make this claim. Khasanskiye Vesti a Russian newspaper ran the strangest true story heard in those parts for a few weeks. A Russian man, however, did just this.

While drinking with his buds, a man reportedly died. The ambulance was called and the man was taken to the morgue. He was toe-tagged and all. This man was partaking in a popular Russian pastime known as vodka rounds. Apparently he was in a dead sleep, not actually dead. After awakening in the morgue, he began screaming upon the realization he was in a morgue freezer. He might have slept it off had he not woke up inside of the mortuary freezer. Aleksey Stoyev is a police spokesperson and had this to say.


“That night the local morgue was filled to its capacity, the bodies were not only on the shelves, but also on the floor of the freezer room, where our ‘dead’ hero was allocated,”  “At some point, the man woke up, failing to understand where he was. It was very dark and cold. In addition his brain was foggy due to the influence of alcohol. In the darkness, he felt someone’s completely cold limbs and in fear rushed to the door. But it was locked.”

The man was interviewed and released. Where he hurried back to continue drinking with his buddies. Upon returning to drink with his friends, he found they were actually mourning his passing still that had just happened. When the door opened, and there he stood, one individual fainted, and the others shouted out in joy. The drinking in memory of, turned into drinking for a new birth celebration! Talk about a drinking story, here’s one for the books.

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