Russia’s Poisoned Water Way That is Severely Effecting the Health of Residents Nearby

The truth that may be shocking to some individuals is that governments and corporations are poisoning people around the world and had been doing so while lying to the public for many decades now. MSN recently published an article on a gentleman named Gilani Dambaev, who lives in the Russian village known as Mayak. Just about 30 miles upstream from where this gentleman who lives there is a nuclear complex that is to blame for two of the largest radioactive accident to ever happen in Russia. Not only have they been the cause of multiple radiation disasters throughout the last several decades they have also been reported for dumping waste from their nuclear fuel and facility into the Techa river which flows into the Arctic Ocean.

It is estimated that hundreds of tons of this nuclear waste have been dropped into this river over the years. The shocking truth though is that there are hundreds of people that live along this river that has suffered severely because of their negligence. Some of the health issues suffered by individuals that live in this region due to this nuclear waste dumping include birth defects, cancers, and chromosomal abnormalities. In the interview conducted by MSN with this gentleman who lives downstream, he stated that sometimes they would put up signs warning us not to swim in the river, but they never said why.

Because of their lack of notifying people of the dangers Dambaev of like many other people did not heed this warning and would often swim in the river with his children. That was before they issued his wife himself his brother his children and his grandchildren government-issued cards identifying them as being residents of this radiation painted territory. The sad truth is despite them knowing the dangers of what they are doing they continue to do so.


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