San Andreas Isn’t Our Only Concern Looming

The series of earthquakes that have been striking Utah and California have also been plaguing another place in the United States of America. Washington State and Mount Saint Helens has seen a sizeable increase in the amount of earthquakes surrounding Mount St. Helen. Scientists believe that Mount St. Helen is recharging itself with magma. This is why they believe earthquakes are happening so frequently.

A volcanic eruption from Mount Saint Helens could be catastrophic. Everybody says that volcanoes don’t erupt and that it won’t happen anytime soon because it hasn’t happened any time lately. Just because we haven’t seen a catastrophic volcano eruption in decades does not mean that one of life-changing proportion is not just around the corner. According to the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, we will hopefully know about a volcano that is going to erupt a head of time.

People use the term that volcanoes are dormant, and this is a false sense of security. Just because the surface looks calm, cool, and collective doesn’t mean that action is not occurring far beneath where we stand. Volcanology has a question, and it’s not about Spock, it’s what will ultimately be the cause of the next mega volcanic eruption?


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