Save Our Oceans or the Aliens Might Not Spare You

The shocking truth is that our oceans are dying, and we are still killing them at a rapid rate. Fracking is taking place in Europe, and they have plans to dump all of their waste water into our oceans. Oceans belong to people around the world and affect everybody on our planet. While we’re dumping radioactive material, hospital waste, and industrial wastewater into our oceans things that are precious and dear to our planet our suffering the most horrible consequences.

As an example for those of you who don’t know the shocking truth about the Great Barrier Reef is it is dying at an alarming rate. This natural wonder will soon be gone. It is not all over the media nobody is reporting on it the way that it should be covered. Nobody wants to or even cares that this is happening except for a small handful of people. Hopefully, these people will be the ones the aliens choose to take with them when they come to destroy the rest of the planet, and that’s the shocking truth.


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