#SAYITAINTSO Says Captain America

The shocking truth about Captain America is he has really been a double agent all along! At least if you read Marvel comic books, you will find the newest addition that at the very end it is revealed Captain America everybody’s hero is truly an agent of Hydra! This news is unsettling for everybody who is a fan of the captain even Captain Rogers himself. On Twitter the individual Chris Evans who plays Captain America expressed his dismay with a #sayitaintso.

This just goes to show you how wrapped up in TV and fiction land America truly is. Many people were angered and even hurt that Marvel had taken an iconic fictional superhero and turned them into a traitor. Some people can handle a plot of a story. The thing to remember in the key factor in all of this is it is actually fictional. It doesn’t really exist. The problem lies within the people who believe it is real and crossed the realms of fiction and confuse it with reality.

In many different instances, villains have been pulled in from the good side only to return back to that good side. It’s generally a plot that grabs the readers or Watchers and takes those with no creativity for a ride on an emotional rollercoaster. Did the captain work for hydro all along in order to protect his mother? Does it matter? What was Captain return to being good? How do you feel about Marvel changing Captain America from Shield to Hydra? Some say it’s a great story plot While others are as pissed off as can be. That my friends is the shocking truth!


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