Scoutmaster Attacked by a Bear and Gets Pulled Into a Cave

A Scoutmaster by the name of Christopher Petronino is lucky to be alive today. Christopher Petronino was attacked and mauled by a bear in northern New Jersey. This bear attacked him mulling the Scoutmaster and dragging him into a cave. As the Scoutmaster stop to show the boys a local cave located in Split Rock Reservoir a bear grabbed him by the foot and pulled him into the cave like something out of a horror movie.


 The bear then started chewing on his shoulders and biting at Christopher. Fearing for his life, the scared Scoutmaster beat the bear in the head twice using a rock. After this, he pulled his sweatshirt over his head and went into the roly-poly position. He remained in the cave, presumably playing dead for approx. 80 mins before getting away.


Christopher Petronino was airlifted to the hospital, where he was treated. Officials believe that the bear was merely protecting its territory in which it was hibernating. These bears do have every right to be a little pissed off, though. Hunters have killed 510 bears as the state of New Jersey extended their black bear hunting season this year. Here is pictures of what you look like if you survive a bear attack.


In Morris County where this attack occurred 58 Bears had been harvested this season. It would be easy to see why a bear might just try to eat a person or feel threatened at the sight of a person instantly. None of the scouts were injured as the quick thinking Scoutmaster yelled for the scouts to run and get help. Traps have been placed in the hopes that they’ll catch this dangerous bear.

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