Screw the Gorilla We Have Bigger Problems

The shocking truth is people have their priorities completely out of line. As I write this, there are people around the world that are dying of hunger. Every 10 seconds a child is dying because of the lack of water or because of water borne illnesses due to pollution. Our governments are selling our natural resources at incredibly insane prices to benefit their own pockets.

These are just a few of the atrocities that are occurring just as I write these words. The shocking truth is not too many people are upset about these kinds of things but can find the time to complain, gripe and make memes about the recent events at the Cincinnati Zoo that resulted in the death of an endangered gorilla. The shocking truth is people if we don’t start making changes to save our planet and start worrying about what really matters every species on this planet will become extinct as our planet will no longer be habitable for life.

Yes, the death of this gorilla was unnecessary and simply caused by the lack of a parent paying attention to their child but let’s face it, people, this really is the least of what we should be worried about during these detrimental times.


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