Selfies Are Assisting the Government in Tracking Us All


Today more than ever the argument to the rights of Privacy Act comes up in regular society on a continual basis. Who does and doesn’t have the right to do what. Can somebody monitor you? Are they allowed to track your every move? Should you be worried about it if you’re not doing anything wrong?These are some of the questions that people are asking. Some believe that this is for their own safety while other people believe that it is a violation of your civil rights to be monitored in such a way. Would you voluntarily help build the database of facial recognition software for the government to put into their world database? If your answer was no, then make sure you have never taken a selfie.

selfy 1

That’s right when you take selfies and post them the government snatches these photos off of the internet and downloads them into facial recognition software as they are creating the world’s largest database of tracking communications intelligence. They are also obtaining facial information from you every time you pass down the road and pass a traffic cam, every time you walk into a store with a video camera, everytime you withdrawal your money from an ATM, virtually every time that you go to any city park, State Parks, or downtown areas or any major city. So if you don’t want to be a part of this though it’s probably already too late, stop posting selfies!

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