Selfies May Cause an Internet Shutdown

say not to selfies

January 1st to January 7th is being called the “no selfie week.” That’s right boys and girls, men and women and people of all ages you are encouraged to stop taking selfies for one week. Many people are in fear that if they do not take their selfies and post them every day for the first week of the year, they will lose friends because no one will remember what they look like.


This is causing an epidemic with cloud storage servers as individuals are trying to post all of their selfies for this week at one time to the servers. People are wanting these selfies to be distributed immediately upon the end of the week. It is believed that this may cause a potential shutdown of the Internet due to the increase in traffic of selfies!


So if you feel the need that you must take a selfie and share it with all of your friends go old school with it this year for the first week of 2016. Get a photo printed and send it in the mail. If that’s too old school for you and you’re not familiar with how to use a stamp or where to purchase one you can even try sending your selfie via text or email just don’t post them to social media platforms for the first week of January. Save the internet and prevent the crash from happening prove the negative Nancy’s and naysayers who say our internet will be down, wrong.

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