She Doesn’t Feel What?

The shocking truth is not everybody is just like you or for that matter just like everybody else. From time to time, there are people that are born with rehabilitations that in return give them exceptional abilities. This is exactly the case with a young girl from England. At 7 years old this young girl was diagnosed with a unique and rare chromosome deletion known as chromosome 6 deletion. When it comes to patients that have this condition, she is a rare case.

In addition to not feeling the pain, she also can go several days without rest as well as several days without eating. She never actually gets the feeling of hunger. This little girl’s name is Olivia Farnsworth. Her exceptional abilities are something that you can be sure is being studied by scientists everywhere.

Imagine if you could apply the deletion of the number 6 chromosome to a series of military soldiers. The possibilities are endless. The shocking truth is one person’s pain is another person’s pleasure or in this case another person’s again. Somewhere science has advanced by studying this unique little girl.

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