Shipwreck Discovered in Desert- Over 500 Years Old

The shocking truth is shipwrecks are not just found in the water. They are not just found on shores either. Recently miners in the Namibian desert unearthed the wreckage of a Portuguese ship that was over five hundred years old. This, however, is not the most shocking part of the story.

In this wreckage, they found gold coins estimated to be worth more than nine million dollars. The ship has been confirmed as the Bom Jesus, which set sail from Lisbon in 1533. It was on its way to India when the ship disappeared with the entire crew. Alongside these gold coins, they also found bones and navigational tools among the wreckage.

If the 9 million dollars worth of gold coins wasn’t a discovery in itself in this wreckage, there was also ancient pottery that is believed to be worth even more. The shocking truth is every missing detail in our history is just waiting to be discovered, and they are one by one.

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