Shocking America


Presidential candidates and hopeful perspective future President of the United States of America Bernie Sanders has decided to stop campaigning until election time. He feels that the money can be better spent on the people rather than the campaign. Besides with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton doing such a fine job of making asses of themselves, it’s kind of pointless for a man of such integrity, with great direction for the future to debate with minds on this level. No this is only speculation and viewpoint what is truly shocking is the mockery being made of the Presidency of the United States of America. What once was a strong, proud country has now turned into a spectacle playground and laughing stock for other nations around the world of entertainment. With individuals like DeezNutz on the presidential election getting coverage from news media such as Fox, it is a disrespectful slap in the face for those who serve to protect and honor our country.


The election for President of the United States has become a name calling event rather than a respectable display of integrity and direction. Some are shocked that Bernie Sanders is able to beat out individuals like Hillary Clinton when it comes to campaigning, but the not so shocking news should be people are tired of assholes in office! Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both fall under the categories of assholes and do not have a place serving as a President of the United States. Donald Trump with his racist viewpoints is an American and Hillary Clinton well where do you start! The shocking news coming out of this story is that these idiots are taking up a massive amount of media coverage and distracting the public from real issues at hand.


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