Shocking Discovery a Short Distance from Great Pyramids

A recent discovery near Petra may very well change the way we think about the Great Pyramids of Egypt. For years and years now it has been of great debate as to how exactly these structures were built. It would seem to be an impossible feat that they were able to build something so strong, made of heavy material, to such precision without the help of advanced machinery. A recent discovery located near the great pyramids shows that there is a rather large platform roughly half the size of a football field with a smaller platform on top and on top of that a “modest sized building.”

Many in the archaeological and historian communities believe that it was used for religious or spiritual purposes. People who look past what “they” have to say are speculating that it is part of the bigger picture of how did these structures get here, how were they built and how the hell did they do it when many of these structures could not be built to these specs/precision even with the equipment and technology we have today? The Daily Beast stated, “It’s like finding evidence of Madison Square Garden in a place and time that is completely unexpected.”

So what was this platform really used for? Many believe it was a landing platform for visitors from another planet who were assisting in the construction of the Great Pyramids while others say they Great Pyramids themselves were only the work of another species. The shocking truth is, there are many more things to be discovered and whether anyone likes it or not we will never know the full truth about anything until we look beyond what we see and what we know.

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