Shocking Discovery of Bronze Coins in Spain

Construction workers digging a trench in Tomares a town in the Seville province of Spain recently unearthed over 1300 pounds of Roman bronze coins that date back to the 3rd Century AD. The loot was found within 19 different amphoras which are an ancient type of Roman jug. These construction workers were working to install electricity to a park when they made this discovery. It is especially significant that of these 19 amphoras a few of them remain completely intact, and all of them were full of coins.

 roman coines

Little research has been done thus far in regards to this discovery so at this time there are no definitive answers as to how these coins became buried so many centuries ago in this location. We do know that it would have been impossible though for these to be moved by one person though due to the weight of the jugs with the coins inside. The hypothesis of many at this time is that the coins were originally used to pay taxes to the Roman Empire according to a recent article in a Spanish newspaper called El Pais. At this time we are not certain as to what the monetary value of these coins are but what we do know is that it will be worth a ton.

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