Shocking News About Donald Trump and The Clinton Family

It’s no secret that Donald Trump says whatever he wants to wherever he wants to. Some consider him outspoken and unfit for President of the United States of America. Some remarks that he has made such as banning all Muslims from the country and building a wall to keep citizens of Mexico from entering America are absurd and not what America is about. Some of these things, in fact, disqualify him from being president according to governing laws.


Why would he do this? What if it was part of a bigger conspiracy to get Hillary Clinton elected as President of the United States. Just think about it for a minute. Hillary Clinton is after all currently being investigated by the FBI, this while she’s running for president of our country? So anything’s possible. If Donald Trump was to become so outspoken that he would disqualify himself, it seems the political race would break down to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.


 Now I love ole Bernie Sanders and would rather see him president any day of the week but feel the election will favor Hillary Clinton some miraculous way. After all, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are no strangers to one another. Not just because they are in that super-rich bracket that only a certain percentage of Americans our end but because other things. For example, their daughters Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton are friends and the Clintons where guests at Trump’s wedding too.


It has gone so far as to reach a Twitter war between these feuding politicians. Jeb Bush was quoted on Twitter saying ‘maybe Donald negotiated a deal with his buddy @HillaryClinton continuing this path will put her in the White House.’ Sharp words coming from fellow Republicans. These are the people that are supposed to run our country that can’t do nothing more than taking shots at one another calling each other names and making accusations no wonder Americas in such turmoil. We need a change.


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