Shocking News about Hillary Clinton and Aliens


Beyond being rumored to have webbed toes, Hillary Clinton is in the news again with yet more shocking drama. As if we all didn’t know she’s two sheets from the wind on being a looney toon now she has vowed to investigate UFOs and get to the bottom of area 51. The only way that woman is going to get to the bottom of area 51 is if she is to  drive there herself dig a hole and climb in it. To investigate area 51 and aliens as a presidential candidate? Are you f****** serious? Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are making a mockery of the presidential election this year and I feel sorry for any man or woman who has served this country and has to endure the pile of bureaucratic crap that is being considered for the President of the United States of America. The men and women that serve and protect this country have my utmost respect. However, I feel that America is falling apart due to politicians. They’re destroying our country on a continual basis.


Hillary Clinton truly did shock me with this news. The sci-fi geek in me at first I thought it was extremely cool that she would even think of something like that and for a second I was almost tricked into liking her and considering her for a vote. Evil tactics to attack the Star Wars generation right now with stories of uncovering and getting to the bottom of UFOs. Sneaky Hillary Clinton sneaky. I saw that Bill Clinton was campaigning as well. I bet you he’s there because he knows you won’t blow it! The campaign that is. He knows that you will do whatever it takes to manipulate your way into the minds of millions.


Personally, I view this is a low tactic and believe that you should leave the Syfy generation alone. Concentrate on politics because if you were to get to the bottom of alien life and found out that it did exist it would be horrible for all mankind should they believe that you are the basis of life on this planet! It’s bad enough you can’t keep track of your husbands man junk, now you want to try to keep track of America.


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