Shocking News- Americans Lose the Ability to Use Their Feet


Well not really, but we have figured out a way to stop walking! That’s right you do not have to use your legs or feet to carry your body around anymore. You can hover around with ease thanks to this new device! The newest trend that is sweeping America and other spots around the globe is called a hoverboard. This hoverboard is not the hoverboard from Back to the Future that Michael J Fox is seen skating around town on. No sorry, in fact, these have wheels but give the appearance that you are hovering across the ground. That’s where the name hoverboard comes from.


These hoverboards are only the beginning of encouraging a multitude of lazy behaviour today. Individuals can be seen riding hoverboards while pushing shopping carts to the grocery store to get groceries eliminating having to walk anymore. Before much longer than makers of hoverboard are said to be trying to figure out a way to make the new hover chair. This chair would be similar to the one that was in the movie Wall-E. Besides the abundant amount of accidents with these devices, the price is a happy one coming in at around $400. People walking is way better for you. Don’t stop walking!

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