Shocking News- Marijuana is a Medicinal Plant

Shocking news cannabis is actually a medicinal plant. There are many individuals who can simply not believe that marijuana could be medicinal. This however has been proven both by scientific research and cold hard evidence in the form of people that are alive today that would have been dead if they listened to their medical providers and did not try cannabis. Take for example Rick Simpson. Rick Simpson is known for creating a cannabis oil that cured his cancer. Not only did his cannabis oil cure his cancer he has cured over 5,000 people using his cannabis oil. 5,000 people that would most likely be dead if it were not for cannabis oil.

Then you have individuals such as Charlotte Fiji, who is a young child who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy know as Dravet syndrome. This poor child suffered hundreds of seizures on a daily basis until the doctors finally gave a prognosis that they would have to remove half of her brain and that she would be a vegetable if she even made it out of the surgery alive. It was then that her parents introduced cannabis oil into her treatment and Charlotte is now a healthy child living a normal life. Charlotte would most likely not be with us today if it was not for cannabis oil.

These stories may be shocking for some people. However, there are millions of others who have known and advocated for legalizing marijuana for its medicinal purposes for decades now. What is shocking is that our politicians will not accept that marijuana is medicinal and refuse to remove the federal prohibition on cannabis. They would rather just let people die than risk that they might feel a buzz and get hungry or sleepy if they were to live.

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