Shocking News- Mother Nature is Pissed and She’s Letting Us Know

I have been trying to warn the world that natural disasters are on the horizon like none that we have seen before. Evidence that a monumental shift in tech tonic plates and our over all environment has been apparent for many years now. Just since the beginning of this year there have been several earthquakes throughout the United States at levels we had not seen before in the places that they occurred.


More evidence that mother nature is disturbed with the way that we are treating her just occurred in Ecuador. A devastating earthquake centered almost 200 kilometers northwest of the capital struck Saturday evening. This earthquake took the lives of almost 250 individuals and is the strongest to occur in Ecuador since the late 70’s. These numbers are just what we know at this time. Unfortunately, it will probably rise much higher as there are many individuals that are still unaccounted for.


Ecuador is not the only place that has recently felt the wrath of Mother Nature. Japan was struck by two earthquakes over the past week that have killed at least 42 people. In addition to the lives, it has taken it has also caused detrimental harm to their economy as well. It’s time to wake up people and change our ways before our planet rids itself of the human race. Tomorrow’s not soon enough you must start today.

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