Shocking news, The Dark Knight Gets Arrested!

Batman has always lived a little vicariously when it comes to the superheroes of our time. The Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder have made many people wonder lots of different things when it comes to the bat in the night. In a shocking plot to foil the reputation of Batman, a villainous villain disguised as the Dark Knight did some pretty nasty things.

Recently in New York, a man by the name of Jose Escalona-Martinez dressed in an authentic Batman costume. He was trolling the streets of New York where he allegedly pickpocketed two unsuspecting Irish tourists who were posing for a picture with this evil imposter Batman.


While they were taking some memorable selfies, this bad bat pickpocketed one of the tourists allegedly for $50. Evil Batman then made like a bat in the night and took off like a bat out of hell. This Caped Crusader was not fast enough as NYPD was there to take him down and make the arrest. The bat was charged with possession of stolen property and grand larceny. It appears that this was another evil plot set by the Joker, the Penguin, The Riddler or one of Batman’s many another arch nemesis to help destroy the positive image of the Batman.

batman 2

As long as we have heroes and superheroes we will have thugs and villains doing villainous things to ruin the name of good. Thankfully the crew in blue was there to subdue this evil bat in the night.

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