Shocking News the Police in Texas Committed a Crime

In shocking news, that is not really that shocking it would appear that police committed perjury in Texas! Now we all know that police officers put their lives on the line on a daily basis to protect citizens. Unfortunately, there are many of these officers that believe they have power over the people. They all too often abuse their position and end up torturing and punishing innocent people. Texas has been in the news lately with some atrocities such as Sandra Bland. This poor young woman was allegedly murdered in her jail cell. There was no need for her to be arrested nor treated the way she was but it happened.

Once again police in Texas are at it.  This time, they claimed that a 47-year-old by the name of Larry Faulkenberry, who owns a motorcycle shop in a remote area south of Austin Texas attacked an officer. Apparently Larry’s child was having a hissy fit for being grounded and called the police on his father saying he was drunk and waving a gun in the air. When police arrived, they roughed him up slamming him on the ground and accused him of attacking an officer as a reason for their excessive force.

Little did they know they were being secretly recorded by a Samsung home security video camera that Larry had installed on a nearby utility pole a few years prior to this event. The video was enough for the Caldwell County District Attorney by the name of Fred Weber to refuse to prosecute Larry. Unfortunately, these officers have received no write ups or any type of disciplinary action for these heinous crimes. When a police officer lies on a court document, they should be sentenced just like any other individual. I think prison time is in order. What do you think?

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