Shocking Things You May Not Know About the Titanic

The sinking of the RMS Titanic is one of the largest Maritime disasters in history. There’s a lot known about this disaster, but there is also a lot of interesting facts that a lot of people do not know that will make you question the history that you currently know about the Titanic. One of those is the fact that no other ship to this day has been reported as sinking due to striking an iceberg. This leads many individuals to believe that this was an insurance scam, and it was damaged in another way intentionally.


Other shocking facts that you may not know about this disaster include the fact that a first-class parlor ticket cost approximately $4,350 at that time. If you consider inflation the same ticket, today would cost over $100,000. Another interesting fact is that the New York Times covered over 75 pages on the disaster during the first week after it occurred. The only other disaster that has been covered in this intensity to this day as the attacks on 911. To this day, there are still over a thousand people that died on this ship that were never recovered.

Only 336 bodies were found of the 1,514 individuals that were on board. One of the most fascinating stories that came from this disaster that may or may not be shocking is that one of the survivors lived thanks to alcohol. Charles John Joughin, the ship’s Chief Baker decided to drink as much alcohol as he could as the ship was sinking and because of this, he was able to survive the freezing temperatures of the water because his internal temperature was raised due to the alcohol.


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