Shocking Truth : Not All Homeless People are Looking for Handouts

Shocking news that shouldn’t be so shocking! A homeless man in California lands a job while sitting in front of a store called Smart & Final. 52-year-old Frederick Callison was left homeless when he moved from Washington to Sacramento to pursue the dream of becoming a line cook for the Salvation Army. This information is of course courtesy of The Today Show. A store by the name of Smart & Final allowed Mr. Callison to hand out resumes in exchange for pushing shopping carts for them.

This homeless man is not sitting there with a sign asking for money or wanting free handouts. The sign he had with him said “need work and hungry”. He also had several printed envelope sealed copies of his resume which he would hand out to passer-bys.

One of these passer-bys happened to a gentleman named Michael Marteen. He ended up with Mr. Callison’s resume and exchanged it with individuals he had met while networking with a catering company. Mr. Callison ended up not only with a job but work clothes and a temporary place to live.

Shocking news that shouldn’t be so shocking is that not all homeless people are looking for a handout. Some people are just down on their luck and could really use the helping hand of a kind, compassionate, fellow human being. Remember if you have the ability to help employee people or to find somebody a job, if the individual is willing then they are worthy of the chance.


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