Shocking Truth the World Doesn’t Just Revolve Around Humankind

When it comes to evolution and human life we often times think that we are the center of the universe. According to the way our history has been taught this is what we are led to believe. Some believe this due to religious beliefs while others simply believe it is because somebody else said so. There are those that dispute this form of thinking. They believe in science and facts. What you can actually see and prove not what you’ve been told.

The shocking truth is we are not the center of the universe, and more than likely everything that we have been told about our history has been lies based upon a few viewpoints of certain individuals throughout history. Confirming that many of these individuals who say we are the center of the universe had no idea what they are talking about a new galaxy was just discovered!

The new galaxy was discovered orbiting our own Milky Way. They are calling it Crater 2. This galaxy appeared where there was previously not one. Scientists and researchers are baffled trying to figure out how this crater has been orbiting our galaxy for a millennium without being spotted. They have nicknamed crater two, The Feeble Giant. When it comes to space exploration and the truth about the existence and evolution of humankind, the shocking truth is nobody really knows.

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