Shocking Truths About the 8 Legged Aliens in Our Ocean Known as Octopuses

Octopuses may be one of the most fascinating creatures found in our waters. Many individuals believe that they are an alien lifeform that has been on our planet after migrating from Mars hundreds of thousands of years ago. Let’s look at some interesting facts about octopuses and some shocking truths that you may not have known about them. One type of octopus is known as a blanket octopus.

Female blanket octopuses are 10,000 times bigger than their male counterparts. Males can be the size of a thumbnail while female blanket octopuses can grow up to two meters in length. The anatomy of an octopus is absolutely amazing even aside from the fact that they have eight tentacles. Many people do not realize that an octopus actually has 3 hearts and nine brains. Another fascinating thing about octopuses bodies is the fact that they have blue blood which is a result of blood pigment hemocyanin which is responsible for transporting oxygen.

Another shocking truth about octopuses that I found to be a little bit disturbing is the fact that when they are not stimulated or entertained they will sometimes take to eating their own appendages in a behavior known as autophagy. These are just a few of the shocking truth and fascinating facts about these miraculous alien-like creatures that live amongst us in our oceans.

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