Shocking Video Shows Dangers of Alligators Around Disney

The hearts of many were broken last week when they learned of a young child being drug to his death by an alligator in Florida near Disney. In shocking news since this horrible accident occurred, there has been many people who have been questioning whether there were appropriate warnings in the area to let tourists know of the dangers.

People who live in FL are aware of the existence of alligators in practically every natural water source however tourists may not be readily aware of their presence or of the danger that they present. There have been a number of shocking videos that have arisen on the internet where tourists have filmed alligators in the same area of the years. Many of these people stated that they reached out to Disney and urged that more precautions be taken to prevent a horrific accident such as this from occurring.

The most recent video to surface is from 2009 and shows a Disney employee battling with an alligator just feet from one of the most popular rides in the resort. The shocking truth is people, we are in their worlds, they are not in ours. They were here long before us, and we have built up cities, resorts, and theme parks in their habitat. We must always respect this and be aware of this. Otherwise, unfortunate events such as the recent ones will continue to happen.


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