Shooting Dogs to Save the Penguins

The shocking truth is if you’re a wild dog in Australia you could be having a really bad day soon. Instead of wandering through the park seeing penguins and having fun frolicking like you would do when you’re a wild dog you’re going to end up with a bullet in the head. Tasmania Parks and Wildlife believes the idea is a horrible one.

The idea, of course, I’m talking about is Senator Whish-Wilson believes that residents should be notified that if their dogs are found wandering alone on the beach, they will be executed by an army sniper. Apparently this guy really loves penguins. Personally, I think penguins are okay to look at when there’s a few of them, but a group of them is nasty. Have you ever watched a documentary on penguins?

Trying not to throw up during this one. Don’t eat while you’re watching this unless you have a strong stomach because penguins are gross. Apparently this Senator really hates dogs possibly he is a cat lover. It seems a bit extreme to want to bring in an army sniper to shoot dogs on the beach.

If your wild dog and can hear me or read this stay the hell off the beach cause Army snipers are coming for you because you have pissed off the senator. Senator wish wash I mean Senator Whish-Wilson is not playing around with you anymore, and that’s the shocking truth.


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