Solar Panels May Suck Up All of the Sun’s Energy one NC Town Says

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Today more than ever our planet needs clean, renewable energy sources. There is a multitude of renewable energy sources that are at our finger tips, yet some individuals are stuck on their ways and are stubborn. Other individuals are just plain stupid. Take this story for example.North Carolina recently turned down plans to open up a solar power plant that would have generated enough power for an entire city. This plant did not succeed not due to it not being pleasant to look at like many complain about with the beautiful wind turbine fields. Nope, not, this time, this was a from a much more stupid, narrow-minded, and absolutely unbelievably shocking, ridiculous opinion. A science teacher from the town of Woodland, North Carolina thought that it would deprive plants of sunlight because the solar farm would be pulling more energy from the sun.

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Other citizens were concerned they would suck the energy out of the Sun and cause it not to rise one day in the future. This rejection and opinions came into play despite the fact that North Carolina has dozens of solar farms already to date and the sun is still shining bright in the sky.I think all of the poison from local nuclear power plants have gone to these individuals heads and they simply cannot think straight. Or perhaps these individuals have this viewpoint because they don’t know better as the town’s science teacher obviously doesn’t know much about how the sun and solar panels work or she would have been a huge supporter of this idea.


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