Some People Have No Parking Skills

Now and then people everywhere are known to have a bad day. Sometimes it’s the littlest things that will set us off. Simple everyday chores such as work or household errands can turn into nightmares at a moment’s notice. Sometimes that nightmare comes with just trying to find a parking place so that you can get your errands done.

If you live in the city, then you know parking places are hard to come by. Getting to those hard to get parking spots in time can be difficult. Knowing where they are can be even more of a challenge. Some people don’t like this but live with it. Some people however just say f*** it.


A driver of utility truck decided he would say f*** it obviously. He drove his truck into a building and then managed to park it hanging out of the third-floor window. This is a true testimony to getting front door parking. I guess this proves even if you drive big commercial trucks you can still get VIP access to the best parking in the building or on the building.

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