Some Shocking and Unsettling Findings Throughout History

Throughout the years, archeologists and researchers have found some incredible as well as some disturbingly strange things in their expeditions. Let’s take a look at some of the discoveries that have occurred out throughout history. In 1952, a man’s body that had been mummified in peat bog was unearthed in Denmark. It appeared that he was a human sacrifice, and his corpse was well-preserved for over two millennia.

In 1980, archeologists were on an expedition inside of a cave system in New Zealand when they discovered a claw that still had skin intact. This claw turned out to be the mummified remains of a prehistoric giant extinct bird known as an Upland Moa that had been mummified for an estimated 3300 years.

In Sweden, archaeologists discovered several skulls with large stakes impaled through them. These skulls included 11 different individuals including women, men, and children. The skulls were believed to be over 8000 years old, but no one is certain as to what led to this horrific scene. These are just a few of the crazy and shocking things that have been Unearthed by archeologists over the years.

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