Some Shocking Things That Have Caused Flight Delays

If you have ever experienced the delay of a flight at an airport, then you know that they can be some of the most irritating things that one can experience. Unfortunately, many of the times these delays are due to bad weather and are simply out of our control. Other times, however, they are due to simply ridiculous and shocking circumstances. Here are a few of the crazy things that have delayed flights over the years.

A continental flight traveling from Houston to Columbus Ohio was delayed for an hour back in 2009. The reason for this delay was due to a pair of otters that had escaped from their place in the cargo hold. Many passengers on this plane did not believe the announcement when they heard it over the speakers but were quickly reassured when they saw the two otters dashing across the tarmac.

In 1982, an amateur aviator by the name of Larry Walters built a flying machine made up of a patio chair, and helium-filled weather balloons. Surprisingly this individual actually reach an altitude of 15,000 feet but unfortunately immediately floated into controlled airspace above the Los Angeles International Airport afterward.

No shocking truth story that includes the irritation of day-to-day people will be complete without something irritating being caused by a politician. So last but not least, during President Bill Clinton’s term in office he allegedly was the cause of several delayed departures when he refused to take flight until his hair stylist had finished cutting his hair aboard the Air Force One.

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