Someone Paid a MILLION DOLLARS for a Potato Picture – WTF

This post is going to have a little bit of semantic language in it that may be strong. If you are offended by a couple of cuss words then now is the time to click off of the page and stop reading this article. From this point on it may get a little hairy. Okay, what the f*** is wrong with the world. Some f****** morons in Europe paid over a million dollars for some celebrity jackasses picture of the f****** potato below!

We have some of the most unbelievable problems in the world facing us today. Homelessness, disease, pollution and our planet is running out of water the most precious resource of it all. Yet, there are jackasses out there who will spend a million dollars or more on a picture of a m*****f****** potato!

Children are starving to death, dying of thirst, don’t have homes and these type of people who I will not name by name spend this kind of money on pictures from photographers like this that I won’t name by name. This is the problem not only with America but the world around us. Materialistic pigs waste millions of dollars because they don’t want to help, or they know they’re not allowed to.

The next time you have a million dollars to spend on a stupid picture of a stupid potato why don’t you try going out and buying a million cheeseburgers and feeding a million people! Plant a million trees! Anything other than wasting a million dollars on a stupid worthless picture of a f****** potato!

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