Soon in Kansas Students May Be Able to Sue School for Letting Someone Use the Bathroom

In this shocking news story student in Kansas may have a new way to sue educational establishments in which they attend. Two new bills have been introduced in Kansas that would allow for students to sue their school for up to $2,500 each time that they encounter a transgender individual in bathrooms not matching their sex.



Transgender rights within public and private bathrooms in establishments has been a highly debated topic as of recently across the United States. Some people believe that these individuals have the right to be who they feel that they are, and that should also include transgenders being able to use the restroom with the sex they wish to be. Others believe that if you were born a female and you have female parts, you should only be able to use the female bathroom likewise if you are a male, and you have a penis you should only be able to use the male bathroom.

Restroom 3

One common sense activist that typically fights for cannabis legalization took to Twitter on this topic and made one of the most blatantly truthful statements about this topic that I have heard. Russ Belville recently stated “Almost everyone I knew grew up in a house with a unisex bathroom. Why would we fear this? We all piss & shit. We can’t wash hands together?” Shocking news is that our state representatives are focused on issues like this rather than the ones that they should be. What shocking is that some people are still shocked by that.

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