SpaceX is One Step Closer to Space Travel

In an amazing feat, Aerospace firm SpaceX makes history by Landing a SpaceX rocket on a drone boat. That’s right an unmanned, remote-controlled rocket was landed on an unmanned remote control ocean vessel. This is a huge lead in travel to and from space for humankind. Being able to send a rocket into space and then return it was epic. Being able to return that rocket by landing it on a stationary launch pad to be reused was even more epic.

But add triple epicness to it and you get landing a reusable rocket on a drone ship in the middle of the ocean. The ability for SpaceX to take people and cargo into space is becoming closer and closer to a reality on a daily basis. The shocking truth is we may reach the cosmos quicker than you think.

Thanks to companies like SpaceX and their progressive forward motivated ways of thinking, we may have alternate places to go when we destroy every other thing on our planet and suck up every natural resource that it has to offer. Well, at least, some of those well. If I were you, I would make good friends with SpaceX.

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