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Special Custody Account Agreement

3. A broker or trader is not considered a breach of the provisions of paragraph (b) of paragraph 1 of this section relating to the physical possession or control of fully paid or surplus marginal securities lent by a person, provided that the broker or broker and lender have a written agreement at least at the time or before the loan date; (D) The account and assets of the account are not subject to a subordination agreement between the broker or trader and the security-based swap trader. (m) the conclusion of sales orders on behalf of customers. When a broker or trader executes a client`s order to sell (except for an order to execute a sale of securities that the seller does not own) and, for whatever reason, the broker or trader has not acquired securities from the client within 10 business days of the settlement date, the broker or trader immediately closes the transaction with the client by purchasing securities of the same nature. However, unless the concept of client within the meaning of this paragraph (m) includes a broker or trader who maintains an omnibus credit account with another broker or trader, pursuant to Section Ecttion 7 (f) of Regulation T (12 CFR 220.7 (f) Of Regulation T (12 CFR 220.7(f) ]. In order to return the client`s assets from the bank account or the corresponding special deposit, in accordance with the clause relating to the termination of the ACCORD. (B) the account is held by a bank within the meaning of Section 3, point (a) (6), the law, or a clearing organization or a registered U.S. custodian, or, where the guarantees held in the account are made up of foreign securities or currencies, a bank, a clearing organization or a custodian under prudential supervision that usually maintain the holding of these securities or foreign currencies; (16) The term “PAB account” refers to a title account that owns a broker or trader (including a foreign broker or trader or a foreign bank acting as a broker or trader) of a value other than a delivery account for payment or a payment account for payment. The term does not include an account subordinated to the claims of the creditors of the broker or the bearer trader.

(A) For an account opened on the effective date of this paragraph (j) (2) (ii) or after this paragraph comes into effect, the customer gives prior written confirmation that the free balances on the client`s title account are included in the scanning program after being notified: IV. Benefits i. A wealth of experience in the processing of business. In November 2002, ICBC launched the Anxin account custody service under the approval of the People`s Bank of China.

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