St. Patricks Day Prank or Real Life Robbery?

Shocking truth is today there a million idiots in the world. These idiots are not only in abundance they are becoming desperate. With an insurmountable amount of debt piling up on individuals everywhere combined with staggering prescription drug addiction rates people are becoming desperate. This is just what happened when a man tried to rob a leather store. Normally when you go in to rob a store and point a gun at a store owner they are in fear of their life and will give you everything they have, or they shoot you.

This man is very lucky that didn’t happen in this instance. He could have been shot. He could have been killed. Instead, he was arrested and now facing first-degree attempted robbery charges. He also has a $25,000 bond. He also has no attorney, so he is pretty much screwed for life. The individual we are talking about goes by the name of Emmanuel Perkins.

He tried to rob Sole Survivor Leather store that is located in Maplewood Montana. The store owner feared for his life and was ready to hand over everything until he realized the dumb dumb was trying to rob him using a multicolored water gun. Once the store owner realized this he smacked the gun away and told the guy to piss off. Upon a brief argument while the guys still tried to rob the store the police arrived to arrest him. The dumb dumb with the gun then tried to pass off his story as a St Patrick’s Day prank.

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