Still Alive After 200 Years


Mummified Monk

Today in society we are finding shocking things out every day. Some are hard to believe while others are very convincing from the start. In this case, it is up it is up to you to decide for yourself. The mummified remains of what was believed to be a teacher that practiced Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov were found in Songinokhairkhan Mongolia.

A Monk was found mummified in Mongolia recently. This wasn’t your typical mummy however. This mummy is believed to be alive still. At least, that is the claim of one forensic expert by the name of Dr. Berry Kerzin. He claims that this mummified monk that was found wrapped in animal skins is in fact in a rare spiritual state of meditation known as Tukdam.

It is believed that this monk is in a meditative state symbolizing that he is not dead, according to the position he sits in and the position of his hands as well. The position in which this mummy sits is called the Vajra position. The right hand symbolizes the preaching Sutra and the left hand is open. This symbolizes a deep state of meditation to the Buddha beliefs.

It’s said that if an individual stays in this position long enough, that all that is left of them, is hair, teeth, and nails. That individuals who live near this meditating monk are said to see a glowing rainbow for several nights cast upon the sky. I’m not 100% convinced that this month didn’t just die. This meditating mummified monk is really committed after not moving an inch. He was stolen from a cave and set to be sold on the Black Market.

Perhaps He’s a Rainbow

After all, if you don’t go to the bathroom, eat, or drink eventually, you will just turn into teeth hair and nails. If this is what’s required to become a rainbow or have what is known as a rainbow body, I think I’ll pass.


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