Strange Metal Balls Fall From The Sky

Residence in a tiny village in Vietnam had one heck of a surprise when out of nowhere giant metal orbs fell from the sky and landed in a garden in the village. It’s not clear if this was the work of aliens or Vladimir Putin. The Vietnamese military was quick to arrive on the scene where they closed off the area while they then pursued their investigation into the strange metallic objects.


The orbs that fell from the sky ranged in weight from 9 ounces all the way to 100 pounds. They resembled giant metallic eyeballs. Some people were saying that they are Spaceballs lol! The metal orbs appeared to be made in Russia but there is no way to tell whether or not they were just manufactured there or actually belong to Russia. A really lame theory from a professor of the Vietnamese Space Science and Technology program thought that possibly this could be the results of a failed satellite launch. Since when did satellites turn into solid 100-pound metal balls?


The residents that lived in the villages where these orbs fell and landed described the sound as thunderous. Further investigation from the Vietnamese defence ministry believes the object to be compressed air tanks from a rocket or an aircraft. One thing’s for sure either Russians or aliens were flying over Vietnam and decided to discard some balls on local villages.


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