Strange Noises on the Dark Side of the Moon

Apparently the Transformers were having a disco party on the Dark Side of the Moon back in 1969. That’s right folks the crew of Apollo 10 encountered a strange space music while on the Dark Side of the Moon.


Of course, this is the dark spot where space ships lose communication with Earth, and nobody on the planet Earth can hear or see the spacecraft for approximately 1 hour. During this, our astronauts heard a series of strange noises that they referred to as Space Music.

It was squeaks beeps and other whistling sounds. Although don’t think that these parties only happen on the Dark Side of the Moon apparently it is a common thing for astronauts to go into outer space and hear strange music over there Airwaves. Though this music cannot be coming from Earth at times, NASA has explanations for it of course.

Most likely it is a series of squeaks and beeps that’re caused by reflective pocket of gas that’s bouncing off of a weather balloon. You know the drill. The shocking truth is there’s a party going on in outer space, and they’re trying to keep the fun all for themselves.

Check out the video below!


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