Strange Sounds Coming from the Universe

Further backing the alien invasion that is eminent on the planet Earth a mysterious signal that is strong and powerful is emanating from the core of the Milky Way galaxy. Scientists have been picking up this strange signal for some time now trying to verify and realize what it is. After years of not knowing what it is and blaming the noise on black matter colliding with its counterpart destroying each other in the process of making the side and creating the signal they have blamed it on countless other things.

The truth is the signal they are hearing is the sound of a horde of alien spacecraft blasting their way through endless space heading towards Earth. President Obama has given them the signal that all is good. Now that the world’s water sources have been poisoned, and all fresh water sources on the planet virtually have been poisoned by the government as well such as Flint Michigan, the takeover is almost ready to begin. It is said that Obama may be the one who holds and retains the ambassador to the nation’s position.

Lately, Stormtroopers were seen on the lawn of the White House. This is because Darth Vader himself was there and was in a meeting with Obama discussing the future of the Galactic Ambassador. It may end up being Donald Trump as he has more of the dark side of the force in him than Obama does. The strange sound coming from outer space has nothing to do with black matter folks it’s an alien invasion, and it’s going to happen now. Hollywood has been telling us about it for years! And you can say you heard it first here on the Shocking Truth.



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