Student Loan Debt is All Graduates Have to Look Forward To

Believe it or not going to college might not be worth it. This used to be something that people thought had to be done and would allow you to have a successful life. It was a Monumental time in many people’s lives and was a true sign of becoming an adult as it was often time when people would leave home for the first time. Going to college though maybe one of the scariest things that someone could do today when you look at the statistics surrounding student loans and the price of college.

The cost of public College tuition in the US is 3x more expensive than what it was in 1985 after you take into consideration inflation that has occurred. Average debt that college students are in at the time of graduation is enough to purchase a Tesla 3. Yep, that’s right a $35,000 car could be purchased with the amount of money that is owed in student loans by most people when they graduate college.Student loan debt in the United States is higher than credit card debt worldwide.

Of the college graduates who obtain their diploma in 2014, 25% of them will not be able to handle the burden of their student loans.Surprisingly there are many jobs out there today that one can obtain without a college education that will ultimately pay the same when you take into consideration the thousands of dollars that you will not be in debt for student loans. It is a shame that it cost this much and causes this many problems for those looking to continue their education after high school.

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