Superbug or Consequence of Dependency on Synthetic Drugs?

What would you do if you became ill and the medicine the Doctor gave you didn’t help? Let me rephrase that what would you do if you became ill and then any medicine that the doctor gave you didn’t help and couldn’t help? Well, the shocking truth is this may very well soon become a reality. For the first time, ever researchers have identified a woman in Pennsylvania that is carrying a bacteria resistant to antibiotics that are typically used as a last resort.

Top US public health officials are calling this a truly pan drug-resistant bacteria and are showing major concern. This is the first time that an antibiotic-resistant superbug has been confirmed in the United States. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that these superbugs that carry a family of bacteria known as CREs are known to kill up to 50% of those individuals who become infected.

The shocking truth is we have become reliant upon synthetic drugs masked as medicine to relieve any ailment that we encounter as a human race. The real shocking truth is our bodies have the capability of fighting off 99% of any bacteria or virus that our bodies come in contact with.

However through the decades, we have become genetically dependent upon pharmaceuticals that are made with chemicals in a lab rather than allowing our body to perform its natural functions and fight off diseases and foreign bacterias naturally.


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