Sure It’s Safe You Can Eat It


Sure It’s safe, go ahead and eat it is not the words you want to hear when it comes to your food. This is what we are being told however as a shocking truth.  Of course, I’m talking about GMO Crops. New research says that GMO crops are safe to consume, and we shouldn’t worry about consuming them. HAHAHA! Would that be why GMO companies like Monsanto are setting up shop here in America? Because it’s safe?


No, It is not! They are coming here because America is full of dirty politicians and corrupt businesses and corporations that are all about profit over people. The pesticides and fertilizers used in combination with GMO crops are killing not only us but our planet too! The Great Lakes are in a horrid state from run-off water contamination. GMO crops are responsible for killing entire colonies of bees. But GMO crops are safe.


What we really need to do is make a change. The shocking truth is that it is already probably too late. We know there are problems, but we push them under the rug. Green organic gardening and people growing their own food would be a great start to changing what might be able to be fixed. We need to rely on ourselves, not mega corporations!


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